Review: CB6000

From Mistress Sakura Strike to Rose Satin a gift of ChastityA few weeks ago I got a surprise message from Mistress.

“I actually have a little gift being sent to you soon. But I will need measurements.”

She’d been to Club Pedestal and had got to talking with Mistress K and her slave D who run House of Denial, a shop that sells chastity devices. I guess she had been paying attention to my comments about how my current chastity device was uncomfortable and so mentioned this in conversation with them and got some advice. The outcome was that I was asked to give some specific measurements and, not long after, a new CB6000 device landed on my doormat. It even had a cute little note with it as seen in the photograph.

Oh, and yes, she had also made sure it was in my favourite colour too. She is such a caring Mistress.

As soon as I looked at it, I knew that the sizing had been taken into account. One issue with my old device was that it did not leave room between the ring and the cage. This led to issues with things being squeezed far too much and a lot of pinching. This device has a selection of different sized spacers which means I can adjust to fit a lot more easily. The cage itself is also smaller, allowing a more snug fit which is more comfortable over all.

Putting it on for the first time was a challenge. I was a little confused over where each bit was supposed to fit. In the end I resorted to a YouTube video to help me figure out the exact roles of all the pieces and to get a decent fit. However, once this was clarified it was very easy to put on. As expected, the device was a lot better fitted which meant fewer issues overall. No squeezing and for most of the time very little pinching. It did occasionally pinch but this was mainly when worn with tight trousers or tight underwear. So, I guess this is encouragement to wear more skirts and dresses and go commando :). Seriously, this was a bit of an issue with respects to cross dressing as many elements of female underwear are more fitted than most men are used to. Tights especially were noticeably more uncomfortable and wearing a thong was awkward because the device was difficult to keep under the pants – it kept sliding out of the sides of the crotch. You don’t have the option to fold your penis into a more feminine shape when wearing a device. If anything, it makes it more difficult to hide. However, these are problems I have noticed in common with other devices of this type and it is basically something I can live with. It was merely a case of adjusting my clothing to wear looser trousers (many female coded trousers are looser anyway) or skirts, avoid tights/pantyhose and wear larger panties or not wear them at all.

A minor issue I noticed with the device was that, when it was on, two of the pins that hold the cage to the ball ring could easily be popped out. This made the device less secure and in theory could have allowed it to be removed. However, after looking at the video again, I believe those pins are supposed to be glued in permanently but are not on delivery because the correct ones need to be chosen for the size of your device. So, once you have fitted your device correctly, make sure you fix those pins permanently.

Since wearing this device long term, I am happy with the fit and the comfort. I am looking forward to even longer term use of this device. The impression I have got of the lovely people at House of Denial is that they are serious and genuine lifestyle devotees of BDSM in general and chastity in particular who really do care that the service they provide suits your needs.

You can book Domme Sakura Strike through her webpage.

You can look at a range of chastity devices or talk to Mistress K and her slave D by visiting their website contact page

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