Here I will post extracts of my writing for you to read. Some of it will be already published, Some of it will be from a work in progress. They will stay here for a short while and then be relocated to the blog.

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Extract from Three Times the Pain – due for publication soon…

Cover reveal for Three Times the Pain by Rose Satin“Are you mine forever?” He felt rather than heard her voice, her lips brushing the thin latex that covered his ears, causing it to thrum gently with each whispered syllable. Her tongue snaked out to lick at the smooth protrusion that was all that was visible of his ear and he felt it as a snaking, muscular glide, squeaking over the shiny material. He imagined the trail of shinier latex left by her saliva and the thought made him shiver.
“Yes, Mistress,” was the only answer he could possibly give to that question. “I am your slave.”
His answer pleased her, as he knew it would. Though he could not see her face and she made no sound, he could sense her mood, could feel her brightening. The deft stroking of her fingers over his naked chest and the subtle changes to her breathing told him all he needed to know.
He felt her rise and walk away. The absence of her touch was the cold of abandonment. As he stood in his bondage, he wondered what she was doing and what evils she would inflict upon him on her return. There was little he could do to stop her, whatever her whim. He was naked, apart from the latex hood that covered his entire head and which left only his mouth free. His hands were held tight in leather cuffs that lifted them towards the ceiling. All he could do was endure or enjoy.
When he heard the steady click of those high heels he so loved to watch her wearing coming across the wooden floor towards him, he stiffened in anticipation.
“You’ve been such a good boy tonight that I am going to give you a special treat.” He felt her hands reach up to unhook his cuffs from the chains hanging from the ceiling. “I’m going to take you over to the bed, put you on your hands and knees and fuck you with my strap on. You’ll enjoy that, won’t you?”
He shivered as he heard those words, imaging the sensation of the lubricated dildo sliding in and out of him. “Yes, Mistress.”
“Good boy. Then we have to go to sleep because we have to be up early for the Fresher’s Fair.”
Ah yes, the Fresher’s Fair. The chance to bolster the membership of the university society they ran together. Well, Mistress ran it. He merely helped where necessary. From past experience, tomorrow was likely to be a long day.
“Now,” she slapped his naked behind. “Assume the position. I’m feeling in quite a rough mood tonight.”
“Yes Mistress,” He smiled as he presented himself to her, knowing he was in for a very enjoyable night. 

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