Mistress Sakura Strike

I am the lifestyle submissive of Mistress Sakura Strike of London.Mistress Sakura Strike sat on an ornate throne

Mistress is an inventive and mischievous Dominatrix who lives in London and works from a beautiful set of chambers in Brixton.

You can find out all about her on her webpage:  https://www.sakurastrike.co.uk/

You can also follow her on Twitter (@Sakura_Strike) and book a session using her email address(domme.sakura@gmail.com)

I have officially served Mistress since 2016 and in December 2017 she gave me her collar. It was at this time she also gave me my name, Rose Satin. My time with her has been a wonderful journey of discovery about myself and the lifestyle.

As well as being a guide and a supporter for my BDSM interests, she has also been an inspiration and supporter for my writing. We share ideas and thoughts about different kinks as well as many vanilla interests.

I am proud to be her Rose.



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