Unexpected things…

So, something I have been thinking about lately regarding sissification. Things you did not expect when you started this journey. This is something I would like to open to debate. So, any of you out there who have experience – whether you are a sissy, a crossdresser or fully trans – I would like to hear your thoughts. Please comment below.Rose Satin's 'breasts'

For me, I feel there are a few things I did expect when crossdressing. I always knew that make up would be an absolute pain, for example. I also knew that I would be terrible at it. I still am, though careful and patient tuition from Mistress has helped me through a lot of that. I can now do lips really well, for example, but eyes still elude me. I can never hold my hands steady enough. So my expectations were spot on the nose for that. However, I was also expecting to be awful at walking in heels and I was pleasantly surprised to find I am actually OK at heels. I guess my natural tendency to walk on tiptoes most of the time has paid off. I even went out to a nightclub once when wearing heels and did not find it difficult at all when I was expecting to spend most of the night falling flat onto my arse.

However, the really big thing that has come to my attention lately is breasts. I don’t think many men actually appreciate what it is like to have them. Even many sissies might only wear their fake breasts for a short time – an hour or two – for a session with Mistress. Over the last year I have been trying to wear mine more and more. When possible I have been wearing them all the time when in the house – though not to sleep in, mainly because they keep falling out and most bras are too uncomfortable to sleep in.* During the days when I do this, I definitely notice they are there and they have a significant impact on my day to day life.

Now, I guess there could be arguments that women grow up with their breasts and, as such, have grown used to them. It is a fair point, but even most women I know will at some point complain about them. We could also argue that fake ones are not the same as real ones in how they act but again I feel there are enough similarities to make the comparison valid.

So, when I am using them, I can always feel the weight of them. I can see why exceptionally large ones might cause back issues for some women and, remember, I can take them off at any time if they get too weighty when I am tired. Women cannot do this. I can also feel the pressure of the bra, a restrictive sensation which you notice more when you take it off. I am, by the way, also starting to appreciate more the benefits of a good quality, well fitted bra. Another issue is restriction of movement. I find it harder to reach higher shelves, for example. It is like they are an obstruction to that sort of movement. When I am trying to do housework I find all these things to be an impediment.

And of course, there is also the issue of any exercise. Running, jumping, anything particularly active becomes more difficult. I am intrigued to see how a sports bra would affect this.

So, that is my ‘wow I did not expect that’ whine. And a little bit of (hopefully) solidarity with any female presenting readers out there who already know all of the above and are wondering why most males don’t. Well, this is why – we don’t usually get the chance to experience it for ourselves and maybe we should. Maybe fake breasts for men should become a more mainstream thing like fake pregnancy bumps. Ways of increasing empathy.

What is your ‘not expected’ issue? I’m curious…


*Though I am currently considering buying a good sports bra for sleeping in, something with no underwire but still enough support to stop issues. Ideally I probably need some form of glue…


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